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Get excited: Twilight Eclipse released today!

Now, we know that the Twilight Saga polarises opinion – even in Yumi HQ, some of us (me) are massive fans and some of us er…. aren’t. We’ve had endless Twilight vs True Blood discussions, often boiling down to Edward Cullen vs Eric Northman. Which, you know, is a hard decision. They’re both completely different. Except they both like a bit of blood. (Personally, I’m all about Team Carlisle!)

However, you can’t really ignore the fact that Twilight wins today – Eclipse is out in Cinemas! Oh so exciting! Off to see it tomorrow and there will be a full review here on monday :D

Ah, posters. So good and yet so…. bad. I’ve been passing a zillion of these every day on the tube (massive one of Riley is particularly enjoyable) but Twilight posters always make me laugh. They’re so serious and intense! Obviously. Guess the whole brooding emo look has to be applied to the extreme in promo shots. Still, I can’t deny, I cannot wait until tomorrow!! Ah….

Are you off to see Eclipse this weekend? Or do you detest it with all your being? Do let us know! Have a good weekend guys and don’t forget about the Twitter competition!!

THE BIG FRIDAY TWITTER GIVEAWAY – Win a Yumi Blossom Flower dress!

Oh we are so excited it’s friday. The maltesers are out in the office (although they’re more like melt-esers now) the weather is AMAZING and we’re working hard so we can leave early!! (Not likely. Unless you’re Jennifer who is swanning off to Brighton for the weekend!)

But YOU should be excited as well because we’re holding our first Twitter Competition! Oh Em Gee, I hear you cry. How can I get involved? Well, firstly the prize is the rather beautiful Yumi Blossom Flower dress:

K1501A Cream cutoutweb

Which is usually £32 but you can get it for FREEEEEEE. Yep that’s right! All you have to do is log in to twitter and tweet the following:

RT @YumiDirect I want to win the Yumi Blossom Flower Dress! http://bit.ly/cY1cFR

And also follow us on twitter too: http://www.twitter.com/yumidirect

So long as you RT it and follow us, you’re in the running! The dress is size S/M and so will fit anyone size 8-12.

If you’re not on Twitter – er… why not?! It’s where all the cool kids are at. Sign up sharpish and get tweeting for your chance to win! The winner will be selected randomly from all the tweets on monday the 12th July.

Get tweeting!!!


Melanie Sykes wearing Yumi!

Melanie Sykes gave an interview to NOW magazine wearing our ANYA BELTED DRESS. It’s perfect for Summer and it’s in our sale! Snap yours up here. Quick!

Melanie Sykes Now Mag_crop

Yumi 30% Sale – Our Favourite Picks!

We love summertime – not only is the weather great but we can pick up amazing bargains in the sales! Here at Yumi we’ve launched our 30% off extravganza, meaning you can get practically all of our covetable items – including dress, shoes, accessories and kidswear - for a bargainous price!

In the office, we’ve picked our favourite sale pieces, first up, the 50’s style Pepplin strapless dress, which is now only £24.95:


is025_black__10372 blog


Which can be teemed perfectly with this floral bag, £24.45:


We also have a soft spot for this floral playsuit, which is only £20.99!


IS063 Black Iska Floral Playsuit_blog

Match it with these sandals, £25.20 for the perfect summer look:




Sorry for the caps title there folks. IT’S JUST SO AMAZING! We can’t help ourselves…

clothes-show-30Going to the Clothes Show? Get your look with 30% off DRESSES AND SHOES this weekend! And even if you’re not… Still get the discount!! Use CODE SALE30 at checkout to get a massive 30% off. Go now! You’ll be in your new summer dress before you know it!

If you’re at the Clothes Show this weekend, don’t forget to tweet us @YumiDirect and find us on our stand for MEGA BARGAINS – Dresses at £15, £20! Love it.

Enjoy your weekend my lovelies, don’t forget the suncream!!

Love Yumi xxx

Yumi stars in new film ‘Wild Target’!

The Clothes Show London is NOT the only event planned for this weekend either! We thought it only right to go check out the new film ‘Wild Target’ starring Emily Blunt and the rather dishy Rupert Everett which came out on Friday. Not only is the storyline entertaining but ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ actress Emily Blunt wears Yumi! How cool! Our Yumi Black Hela Dress totally works on Emily, this scene looks like something out of SATC too. 


So what is the film about in one sentence… A hitman tries to retire but a beautiful thief attempts to change this. Of course, the beautiful thief is Emily Blunt who plays the character of ‘Rose’. We are kicking our heels in excitement, the reviews so far have been positive and we’re told to expect lots of laughter from this British black comedy! 

There’s only one thing left to say….Get the popcorn ready!

Yumi @ The Clothes Show London!

We can no longer contain our excitement about the upcoming Clothes Show London event! Come and see us at the Yumi stand for the whole weekend from Friday! It’s not just the cool clothes or celebrity spotting that we are looking forward to but also the Clothes Show Style Awards. Who do you think deserves to win the award for ‘Best Dressed Woman of the Year’???


The trouble is what do you wear to one of the biggest annual fashion events?!  After very long thought, hours of scrolling through websites and numerous magazines…a decision has been made!


Frills are still big this season as well as Maxi Dresses. I absolutely love this combo and I cannot wait to put on the Yumi Gweni Dress with Yumi T-Bar Heels plus our Yumi Zip Detail Flat. Why two pairs of shoes I hear you ask? Well, I don’t know about you but I can last for about four-five hours straight in high heels then just before my feet feel like they are about to explode I revert back to the trusted flats! These in particular still make this outfit look great. So come on down and join us at The Clothes Show this weekend!zip flatt-bar

Yumi Rockella Dress featured on Vintage Vandalizm!

You guys look amazing wearing Yumi, you know that? Keep the pics coming! Here’s the gorgeous Vintage Vandalizm wearing our Yumi Rockella dress:


And we agree with what she says about pockets; “What girl doesn’t love a dress with pockets!” Definitely. This dress has got rock chick all over it and we think she looks great. Read her original post about the Yumi Rockella Dress on Vintage Vandalizm here – and make sure you get your own Rockella dress on Yumidirect.com here! It comes in white, grey and black and screams summer!

Do you have any pictures wearing of you wearing Yumi clothing? Send them over to us at customerservices[at]uttamdirect.com!


Yumi featured on Beneath the Crystal Stars Blog

There’s been alot of blog love recently – our cute Beatrix Dress has been featured on Beneath the Crystal Stars blog and doesn’t it look lovely teemed with a trilby and sandals for the perfect Summer outfit! Get yours here.


beatrix dress_1