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Space Exploration on April 12th: A T-shirt for Today

On April 12th 1961 Yuri Gagarin,  the Russian cosmonaut, became the first man into space, completing an 108 minute orbital flight before safely ejecting and parachuting down to the ground, from the Vostok 1 Rocket which had re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere.  An incredible achievement for all involved. So the Soviets had won the space race, but only just. Less than a month later American Astronaut Alan Shepard followed suit on May 5th, in the Freedom 7 spacecraft.

It was not until 1975 that the USA and Russia joined forces with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.  The aim was to test the compatibility of docking systems between the Soviet and American spacecraft. This project paved the way for future collaborative manned missions down the line.

Fast forward 20 years: It is April 12th 1981 and NASA launches the first of its Space Shuttle fleet, Space Shuttle Columbia. Its purpose was to act as an orbital spacecraft, capable of atmospheric re-entry, which was partially reusable with modular add-ons and rocket launch capacity.  Columbia was the first Space Shuttle but certainly not the last.  Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour all took their turn in a 30 year history of missions to repair and recover satellites, carry humans into space and act as a base for the construction of the largest structure in space: The International Space Station. The final Shuttle mission took place on 21st July 2011 when Atlantis returned to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, Florida.

It seems only fitting that our latest t-shirt design honouring NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet should be published on April 12th.   Wear our Space Shuttle T-shirt in admiration of the remarkably successful series of space exploring missions carried out by NASA.


Battersea Power Station is for sale. Too much? Buy the T-shirt!

Call me a pessimist but the news this week that Battersea Power Station is up for sale on the open market for the first time in its turbulent history, seems like another false horizon for a triumphant return to service for the power station, decommissioned in 1982.


As many will know, The Cathedral of Electrons was designed by the prolific architect Giles Gilbert Scott – not to be confused with many of his Architect relatives including his grandfather Sir George Gilbert Scott who designed the Victorian Gothic masterpiece St Pancras Station.


Battersea Power Station is one of the largest brick buildings in the world, housing two individual power stations built in two stages, with its four iconic chimneys giving it perfect symmetry. It was operational as a coal fuelled power station between 1937-1982. Once it ceased its power output Central Electricity Generation Board wanted to demolish it, but were thwarted by the efforts of The Evening Standard newspaper who campaigned to get the riverside monolith listed in 1983.


Since then it has changed hands four times. In 1986 John Broome of Alton Towers fame, purchased it for £1.5 million, getting planning permission for a theme park. It was during the early stages of this attempt at redevelopment that the roof was demolished. In 1993 the creditor banks for the now bust Broome sold the station to Parkview International property developers for £10 million. It was not until 2000 that Parkview’s project to restore and redevelop the site finally received planning permission to create a residential, retail and leisure complex. Six years later Battersea Power Station was bought from Parkview by Dublin-based Treasury Holdings for an eye watering £400 million. It is said something well bought is half sold. By a similar token something badly bought is not saleable. The Irish banks that lent the money ended up as owners otherwise owned by the Irish Government. The current sellers are receivers.


Whoever buys this 39 acre spanning property will have to have very deep pockets. Its Grade II listed status means extensive repairs will need to be carried out under strict supervision, to restore the roof and all the damage done while it lost its lid. And that is before any real construction can start. Plans to extend the Northern Line into Nine Elms has been given the go ahead by Chancellor George Osborne. Perhaps this will be the magic feather needed to get her back in action. Here’s hoping!


Giles Gilbert Scott has made a contribution to this nation’s built environment which goes beyond the 4 easily recognisable chimneys used as inspiration for, among other things, our London Design Festival t-shirt (designed by Tiago da Fonseca). He is responsible for the red phone boxes which are held so highly in our affections. The boxes went through many incantations but the design which proved most successful was Gilbert Scott’s K6 which was designed in commemoration of the silver jubilee of King George V. His first box, the K2, was commissioned for the streets of London after the first standard public phone Kiosk (the concrete K1), introduced by the Post Office in 1920, received a frosty welcome from Metropolitan Joint Standing Committee. (For a detailed history of the different phone boxes and how they came to be, check out the wiki page.)


The K2 was welcomed on the streets of London, but it was not until 1935 that the K6 in all its Royal Jubilee glory became a common fixture throughout the nation’s public spaces. Where our K6 T-Shirt and admire another classic piece of design heritage by Giles Gilbert Scott.

On This Day, February 10th 1996: Deep Blue vs Kasparov

It was on February 10th 1996 that IBM’s chess playing computer Deep Blue was the first machine to win a game of chess against a reigning world champion, under regular time rules. Grandmaster Garry Kasparov went on to win 3 and draw 2 of the remaining 5 games, thus defeating Deep Blue 4-2.


After some heavy upgrading by IBM, Deep Blue 2 (Deeper Blue) played Kasparov again in May 1997. This time Deeper Blue won the deciding 6th game. Following his defeat at the hands of the computer, Kasparov accused IBM of cheating, using human chess players to intervene during the second game. A claim IBM strongly denied. The developers had permission to modify the programme between games but not interfere during play. Kasparov demanded a rematch but IBM refused, dismantling Deep Blue shortly after.


Created from the work of Feng-hsiung Hsu, Thomas Anantharaman and Murray Campbell, Deep Blue was the culmination of 12 years work on Feng-hsiung Hsu’s doctoral work on ChipTest in 1985.


Deeper Blue derived its playing strength from shear computing grunt. It was a massively parallel, RS/6000 SP Thin P2SC-based system with 30 nodes, with each node containing a 120 MHz P2SC microprocessor for a total of 30, enhanced with 480 special purpose VLSI chess chips. Its chess playing programme was written in C and ran under the AIX operating system. The net result is a scalable, highly parallel system capable of calculating 100-200 billions moves within three minutes, which is the time allotted to each player’s move in classical chess.  It was capable of evaluating 200 million positions per second. This was twice as fast as the 1996 version. The Deep Blue chess computer that defeated Kasparov in 1997 would typically search to a depth of between six and eight moves to a maximum of twenty or even more moves in some situations.


Vikram Jayanti’s 2003 documentary Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine is well worth a watch.


So too, is the magnificent realisation of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). On to another chess match between man and computer, this time fictional. Much to my disappointment the supercomputer HAL who beats the astronaut Frank,is not so called because each letter is one along from IBM. Instead it stands for Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer. Nevermind. The film still stands as testimony to the mood and perception of what was computing in its nascent stages. David G. Stork’s essay Public perception of AI, discussing A Space Odyssey, is compelling reading.


Of course, computer science did not start with Deep Blue’s predecessors , ChipTest and Deep Thought. Who are the forerunners to these incredible feats of technology? Where to start? There are so many inventors & scientists whose creations and innovations have opened up so much technological potential that is still being refined and improved long may it continue!


This theme is one we will be revisiting again very soon, but for now, wear our Deep Blue vs Kasparov t-shirt safe in the knowledge that computers have not taken over the world, yet

Rubbish in, rubbish out.

When I was asked to create a number of cycling designs for Cycling Weekly, I was fortunate to have access to photographs by Phil O’Connor from his book ’21 Years of Cycling Photography’. There’s no deep mystery to what I do as a Graphic Designer. Despite attempts by many to lend it gravitas with phoney esoterica and design babble. Without a doubt, the success of these designs must be attributed to the quality of the photographs themselves. As the title above suggests, quality ingredients is the key to any creative endeavour. Very little needed to be done on my side. Dynamic photographs that capture the essence of the sport and a clear eye for framing the shot, did the vast majority of the work.



O’Connor’s work has also inspired a number of our other designers, despite limited interest in the subject matter. Ray Charles once said, there was 2 types of music, good music and bad music. I suppose the same could be said of photography (and many other things) as well. Great images will always inspire designers.


The above designs are just a few of the many cycling themed t shirts that we have here at WeAdmire.

Unknown TT (top left), Greg LeMond (top right), Bernard Hinault (bottom left) & Berlin Time Trial (bottom right)


Top 10 Christmas Present t shirts for a man

We Admire’s Top Ten T-shirt picks for from the 1600 tshirt designs available:


Music Moguls, these t-shirts are for you:

Drummers t shirt: there are about 200 of them listed and you have never heard a good band with a bad drummer. Is there a sweeter instrument than an acoustic guitar? The Taylor Guitar t shirt is a nice guitar nicely drawn.

For those who like things recorded we have a good deck and the best headphones in our Deck & headphones t shirt. The Shure Microphone has been used by everyone who was anyone and quite a few besides from Billie Holiday and Eta James through Elvis to JFK and Frank Sinatra and Yukio Miyamoto has delivered a stunning illustration of it on the Shure 55 t shirt.


Camera Lovers, these tees are perfect you:

For those who love form driven by function we have Yukio’s Hasselblad 500C t shirts or his Leica IIIf t shirts.



Love your motorsports? Check these tshirts out:

For an appreciation of racing complexity we have John Surtees’ 500cc MV Agusta t shirt by Peter Hutton and by contrast for comparative racing simplicity, Geoff Duke’s Manx Norton t shirt also by Peter Hutton. Four cylinders v 0ne.


Literature Lovers, these are for you:

For seduction with simplicity we have our Goethe t shirt: What is uttered from the heart alone will win the hearts of others to your own – passion and authenticity poetical combined. A killer combination. For gritty and witty worldly wisdom we have Ben Johnson’s The Alchemist t shirt.


Science & Peaceful Protest get a look in here:

For an appreciation of a scientific polymath we admire Richard Feynman and finally for the last word in a declaration of personal responsibility we have Gene Sharp’s Pencils t shirt.


On reflection it should have been a Xmas top 20 or 30, selecting ten was too brutal, that might be why there are more than ten in my list…


Rolleiflex Cameras

Introduced in 1929, the Rolleiflex, Twin-Lens Reflex, was the first medium format roll film camera. The two lenses of a twin lens reflex camera deliver a crucially more simple exposure process than the single lens reflex – there is no mirror to move and no interruption of the view of the shot through the view finder. TLR users would not have it any other way. In terms of timing the system is flexible at both extremes of the photographic process. The view of the shot is not interrupted by the movement of a mirror, so shots requiring a long exposure can be taken with greater flexibility and adjustment, while for similar reasons shots requiring movement can be composed and exposed more quickly because a heavy mirror does not have to be accelerated and shutter lag is minimised.

In the hands of photographers such as Robert Doisneau, Robert Capa and Jane Brown, it would go on to play it’s part in producing a catalogue of enduring photographs, from Richard Peter Sen’s image of a post war Dresden. To the apparent spontaneity of ‘Kiss by the Hotel de Ville’ and the intensity of Jane Brown’s portrait of Samuel Beckett.

It was important then, that any depiction of this camera reflect it’s build quality and precision engineering and few illustrators are more equal to the task than Yukio Miyamoto. Created using 3D software, the materials and textures, taken from high resolution images of the camera itself, were mapped onto the surface of the 3D image. A departure from Yukio’s previous illustrations built using Adobe Illustrator, he, nonetheless, maintains his usual high standards.


These incredible images are perfectly reproduced on our shirts, with no loss of resolution or detail, as all are printed at a minimum of 700 DPI, creating clean, crisp prints.


We presently have 5 Rolleiflex designs. Each taking advantage of a number of angles that creating a 3D model like this allows. We are confident that your expectations will be exceeded.  You can see some images of fully printed shirts in our video about Yukio’s t shirts becoming available at The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea.



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'80's pop is given an HG Wells ride into 2011 (t shirts to follow, that is to say in the future.)

With the possible exceptions of Robert Palmer, Ry Cooder and John Hiatt (none of whom you would really describe as poppy) 80′s pop passed me by. I am therefore caught by the pleasure of Olga Wilhelmine Munding’s latest, an album called Whatever You Want. It is co written and recorded by Olga and Cody Dickinson with a nod in the direction of the 80′s but with some Mississippi and Louisiana muscularity woven into its DNA. The rhythmic muscularity is matched by Olga’s voice and the lyrics have the quality of refreshing your memory. The lyrics resonate, they talk to you. Behind the singing and the lyrics comes Cody Dickinson. To front this man’s rhythm takes strength and confidence. Strength and confidence really only spring from class and preparation. In saying this I am trying to express what would be the antithesis of what should be felt by the over hyped and over exposed when they play in the company of talented and original musicians. I am sure you have wondered, when watching a Jools’ Holland show for example, how a headlining mediocrity must feel when they play before or after some less well selling act has taken to the stage and really cut the mustard. If you have what it takes, such that you will not be overwhelmed, then Cody Dickinson will give you a gorgeous foundation from which to express yourself. Olga carries off fronting her colaboration with Cody Dickinson. The album is surprising, classy and musically and lyrically witty.



Buy it/download it here.


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Cody Dickinson, another BOLD Drummer on our t shirt

 I went to see Ian Siegal at the Borderline Club just off The Charring Cross Road last Friday. A sell out by the look of things.


Siegal had a half way interesting voice but he is not a lead guitarist. Nor was the man on keyboards about to lead proceedings, similarly so the bassist. A bit too self conscious the bassist, me think he thinks himself handsome. The man who should have led proceedings was the drummer. All night I had this sense of willing him to let rip. On reflection in terms of attention I hardly noticed the others. The drummers name was Cody Dickinson. I found myself wishing he was more demanding and cantankerous, a bit more Ginger Baker in temperament and like Baker willing to be the lead instrument whenever the others were wanting or merely because he deserves to be the lead instrument. This band would have been in serious trouble on the night without Cody Dickinson. Dickinson’s playing absolutely keeps the rhythm but constantly surprises with counters and fills. Marvellous stuff, I thought the equal of the likes of Baker and Jim Keltner in their pomp.


Three or four times Ian Siegal acknowledged Dickinson’s contribution with the words what a privilege it was that Cody Dickinson has come to England to play “for” me… Self praise from Siegal by association, masquerading as self deprecation is how the word “for” in that context struck me. Cody smiled and I think he should have scowled. At the very least I think the word “for” should have been “with”. Siegal’s attire was suspect too. I think he wants to come across as an Englishman cum Louisiana swamp dog. Swamp dog guitar in a dark blue worsted wool pinstripe waistcoat with sun glasses?? I think he must be under instruction from the marketing types. Pity he apparently follows their advice with enthusiasm. In a crowded less than well ventilated basement music club you will inevitably become soaked in sweat, why add to your discomfort with a silly and meaningless wool waistcoat as a prop?


Half way through Friday’s set I realised I had seen Dickinson before but had not clocked him properly. On the previous occasion the band he was part of were being fronted by John Hiatt on John Hiatt’s tour to promote the album Master of Disaster. I was there to see Hiatt one night in 2005. The album Master of Disaster, one of Hiatt’s best, was produced by Cody Dickinson’s late father. From that album Love’s Not Where We Thought We Left It and Ain’t Ever Going Back are two of my Hiatt favourites.


Cody Dickinson will go onto our drummers t shirt today. Celebrate drummers generally and Cody Dickinson specifically – buy our newly modified Drummers t shirt.