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Surf’s up…

This is just a quick post to give a little insight into what the etailPR staff get up to outside of the office!

We were super excited to find out that etailPR Director, Ben, had been snapped surfing on his recent holiday to Indonesia and featured in one of Australia’s largest online surfing magazines! This is a great achievement for Ben and definitely something to be excited about.

Admittedly, no one can tell it’s him from the angle of the shot, but that’s not the point! We’re patiently waiting for the sponsorship deals to come rolling in…

weSC headphones ! Wavegames have gone mental with money off

Are Wesc Bongo headphones the headphones to be wearing and are they worth the price tag ? Here at Wavegames we love them and they are selling like hot cakes through the website and in the shop.

we were was initially attracted to the Wesc head phones as they are a massive fashion statement and with most people, fashion is what it is all about, but in this technical era we also need to know what we are paying for is the quality not just the design.How many people have bought what attracts the eye before and not got the quality they expected.

After researching the quality of these headphones and getting feedback from our customers we can honestly say they are worth the price tag twice over ! I know however that we are all counting the pennies  currently which is why here at Wavegames we have gone a bit February mental and have 20% off all Wesc headphones and a massive 50% off wesc “pick me up” headphones !

Not only are these headphones made to a quality that all music lovers want the choice of design and colours is fantastic and now we are offering a massive discount. So what are you waiting for, don’t keep reading the reviews, don’t keep pondering and buy a pair and see for your self.

Welcome to Wavegames

Hiya guys and girls, welcome to Wavegames the online watersports and lesuire wear.

We have been around since 1987 and have now decided to take our expertise and knowledge to the online market. Working in the industry for many years we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and our clients always return to buy more !

Our shop based an hours drive from all the main surf beaches in north devon has been going strong for years and our customers return day in day out as we not only have the products to provide but we have the knowledge to match them our aim now is to take our knowledge and products to the online market.

So we can’t wait to hear from you…. if you need advice…. want to shop or just wanna let us know your thoughts please do.