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We Admire – Schiele Vs Mondrian T shirt

Schiele Vs Mondrian T shirt

F’king and graft, mixing it up: Sensual figurative meets primary coloured protestant abstraction that likes commerce, jazz, New York and dance.

The t shirt designer Jane Moore has given us three pairs of artists on t shirts: Egon Schiele and Piet Mondrian, Francisco Goya and Roy Lichtenstein and Francis Bacon and Auguste Rodin

When you see the shirts the artistic pairs seem made for each other but it took Jane Moore to make the connection. Inspired irreverence.

Egon Schiele, mentored by Gustav Klimt and inspired by an ex Klimt model and mistress among other things was vilified for being pornographic and briefly imprisoned. Why is it religion has such trouble with sexuality?

Schiele tragically died of flu only three days after his pregnant wife at the age of just 28. Otherwise a life well lived and an influence that resonates 100 years later.

Piet Mondrain seems harder to understand. Raised in a protestant family there is primary colour but not much procreation. A major figure in the De Stijl movement, to some extent defined by the Dutch magazine of the same name, Mondrian is a more complex figure than Schiele but they make a great and expressive combination on our Schiele Vs Mondrain t shirt

Mondrian left Amsterdam for Paris and Paris for London in 1938. In 1940 he left London for Manhattan and settled there.

Celebrate two great artists and Jane Moore’s wit in combining them on our Schiele vs Mondrian t shirt.

What do you admire?