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5 Hints for Writing a Great Tutorial, DIY or Recipe Post

5 Hints for Writing a Great Tutorial, DIY or Recipe Post

Our guest blogger this week is the fabulous Francesca from On The Bias. She has given us her time to write a super-helpful blog post about how to write a tutorial, DIY or recipe post. Enjoy the post and please feel free to leave a comment if you have any helpful hints to add!

I’m a bit of a creative soul; I love DIY projects, and between that and my constant experimentation in the kitchen, most of my posts over on my blog, On-The Bias, end up being recipes or tutorials of some sort – but getting together the perfect ‘how to’ post can be a bit of a struggle, no matter how simple it might seem to you, in real life. Really, though, there are some simple steps you can take to make your tutorial posts a little easier to follow, and I’m going to share them with you!

Preparation is priceless;

Whatever your tutorial is, be it a recipe, some interesting new DIY, or a clever storage solution, make sure you have everything to hand before you start shooting or making notes for your post. Personally, I try to take at least one photo with all the necessary items (ingredients) in it, just so readers know, at a glance, what they need to grab. I’d also recommend that, the first time you try out the project or recipe you’re going to post about, you take notes along the way – just anything that pops into your head – you never know which comments might make the process easier for your readers!

Quantity and quality;

When it comes to photos, quality is obviously important, just as much as in any blog post. However, where tutorials and recipes are concerned, there’s no such thing as being too ‘picture heavy’- you’re guiding your readers through the process, and steps that might seem ‘easy’ in real life don’t always translate well into writing – so pictures at every major step will really make it easier to follow.

Sum it up;

Whilst explaining the full process is pretty crucial, some readers might just want the cut-and-dry steps – particularly when it comes to recipes – so you might want to write a brief paragraph at the end of your post with the basic instructions, something that sums up the basics. Personally, I like to sum up the entire post in four or five steps at the end, just for anyone who’s reading along as they make it.

Sell, sell, sell;

Well, okay, it’s not exactly selling – but tell us why you love this project/recipe; does it solve a storage problem? Does the recipe remind you of a childhood treat? People are reading your blog for a reason – because they care what you have to say – so knowing why you decided to share the post in the first place might be the inspiration your readers need to get creative!

Top tips;

Remember, you’re the only one who’s done this project, so far, so any handy hints you can think of – whether it’s something tricky you struggled with when you first tried it out, or a clever use for the leftover materials, it all makes for a better project for your readers!

So, those are my best hints to writing a successful ‘how to’, tutorial, or recipe post – I hope you found them useful!


Alex’s DIY Halloween Outfits!

Today’s guest post comes from Alex at Bambella, she’s written a lovely post about quick and easy Halloween outfit ideas!

Hi everybody! I’m Alex from Bambella Blog and as I’m sure you’re aware by now, I’m writing today’s guest post for the wonderful E-tail Blog! Before I start I thought you might like to know a little about myself. As I said, I’m Alex from Bambella Blog, home is Cheltenham but I’m currently studying in Falmouth as I’m at uni there. I’m doing an illustration course, but also love photography and fashion and hope to one day combine them all into one super-job (although I have no idea what that is yet)!

Anyway, as it’s only a few days until Halloween (eeeep!) I thought I’d give those of you who, like myself, can never make a final decision on an outfit idea until literally last minute, three quick and easy ways to make a simple yet effective Halloween outfit. I have also based the ideas around one item of clothing that nearly everyone has (and if you don’t, they’re so easy to find and can be purchased at very affordable prices), the little black dress. I’m not a fan of DIY projects that look fun but need items that are impossible to find to make them, so I made a concious effort to use only items that the majority of people will own (and again if not, can be found easily online or in high street shops). So, let’s get making!

1 – Clown Make Up
Personally I don’t find clowns overly scary, but I know for some people they’re their worst nightmares, and therefore a good Halloween outfit! This make up tutorial is so easy but gives, what I personally believe to be, a pretty good clown look. Take your LBD and this make up, and add spotty tights and a striped waistcoat for a cool, yet slightly sinister clown outfit.


2 – Bunny Tail
I know that some people aren’t into the whole dressing scary thing and that some people like to dress up as anything, so I thought I’d include a tutorial to cater for you people too. This little bunny tail is so quick and easy to make, so is perfect for you last-minuters out there! Attach the tail to your LBD, adding bunny ears if you have them and drawing on a black nose and whiskers to create this cute bunny rabbit outfit.

3 – Cat Ears
Although a cat is an obvious Halloween fancy dress idea, it’s always a good one to go for if you’re running out of time. I’ve made and worn these ears before and have been complimented a fair few times on them. They’re just so cute. One good thing about this DIY is that you can don’t have to worry about using a black Alice band you really like as the ears slide off and can be removed and reattached at any time! As well as the ears and LBD, draw on a cat nose and whiskers and wear a black choker/ribbon around your neck (please remember not to tie it too tight, I don’t want to be responsible for any strangled kitties!) and some fur bracelets to complete the look.

And there you have it, three quick, simple and easy ways to create a Halloween look in minutes. Not sure what I’m going as this year (like I said, I’m a last minute decision girl!) but I’m thinking clown possibly. I’d utterly love it if anyone used these tutorials and would love it even more if people sent me pictures of themselves! If you do, please either tweet them to me @alexmaceachern or email me at

Much love and thank you for reading!

Friday Favourites 19/10

If you’re a regular visitor to our blog, Facebook or Twitter, you will know that every Thursday we ask bloggers to send in their links to be considered for our Friday Favourites post. If you’d like to take part next week, please head over to our forum app on Facebook, or drop us a tweet.

So, here are this week’s favourite bloggers!

Ellie, from Ellie’s Ramblings, is the first of our favourite bloggers this week. We love the mix of beauty and fashion posts on Ellie’s blog. She’s currently holding a 300 follower giveaway where you could win a lovely selection of goodies!

Next up is Hema from Purely Beauty. We love her recent nail art posts, the ladybirds are our favourites! She also has great beauty reviews :)

Sam from Honey Go-Lightly has recently done a great comparison post of the Michael Mercier brush compared with the Tangle Teezer. This is a really informative post and a great review of both products, we recommend you check it out!

Marina from Moda Descomprimida has a great bi-lingual blog, written in both Spanish and English.  We love her cute, laidback style! She also has amazing hair, both style and colour!

Finally, we have Julie from Sweets Are My Weakness. We met Julie at the My Celebrity Fashion event a while ago and have been avid readers of her blog ever since! Julie posts about loads of lovely events she attends, as well as outfits and beauty reviews.

We hope you enjoy reading our Friday Favourites this week, remember to head over to our forum app on Facebook, or drop us a tweet with your blog link to be considered for next week! x

Friday Favourites 12/10

Thank you to everyone who sent their links over yesterday! Our blogger network on Facebook is growing every week. There were a lot to choose from and we liked too many to show but we still had to choose so these are our top 5 bloggers for this week……….

Tamara from Let’s Talk Fashion keeps her readers informed of everything from how to wear make-up to events and jewellery. We like that she covers so many topics.

Victoria from PLUMDIDDLYUMCIOUS shows us the interesting things in her life with beautiful imagery. We love her reporter style photographs.Abby from Beauty and a Blogger has a trend based focus to her posts, covering outfits to high fashion and everything in between. We love her choice of images and photographs, especially the vintage trend.

Lisa from i live for autumn is a young stylist. The German blogger gives her own take on how to style to trends today. We love that she proves age does not mean you lack experience with style.Chelsea from the dauphine gives us an in depth report into products and clothes we all enjoy. We particularly like the full length photos used for her outfit posts.

If you’re looking for more amazing blogs to read, check our Twitter timeline and Facebook forum, or our other Friday Favourites posts. Join in with #etailthursday next week by posting your blog links in our forum and you might see your blog here next week!

e-tail Thursday.

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Good Luck and Get Posting :D

Friday Favourites 31/08

Our #etailthursday links were better than ever this week and we were so pleased to see lots of new faces – we love discovering new blogs to read!

As always it was difficult to pick, but we’ve put our four Friday Favourites together…

Francesca from On The Bias really caught our eye! We recommend her super useful post on what to take to uni and her delicious recipes.

Natasha at So On Trend has some of the nicest outfit posts around – they make us feel like we popped in for a cup of tea and a chat.

Laura at Tiny Twisst has a super sleek blog, but isn’t afraid to change it up with posts about sweets, and we loved that.

Finally, Charlie at Charlestown Vintage has been a favourite of ours for some time, and her incredible pictures of New York pushed her to the top of our list this week!

If you’re looking for more amazing blogs to read, check our Twitter timeline, or our other Friday Favourites posts. This week we’ve also had a guest post on all things YouTube from Corrie at Dizzybrunette3 and some tips on getting your blog posts clicked.

Join in with #etailthursday next week and you might see your blog here!

A day at LOVE – Inlovewithfashion Lookbook

One of our Account Manager’s popped off to visit client Inlovewithfashion this week (she has the best job!) and she managed to get a sneak peak into their Autumn Winter Inlovewithfashion Lookbook shoot. We got some shots for the blog, had a sneaky glimpse of the model and had a lovely day at LOVE HQ

Lots of exciting new pieces from the up-coming collection; a whole lotta studs, some floral and some great new colours and knits. We can’t spill too much, but the model looked fantastic, the clothes looked amazing and the photographer looked hard at work!

The Inlovewithfashion Lookbook is set to be a good one with season! Keep an eye out for the Lookbook of Inlovewithfashion coming soon!

Inlovewithfashion Lookbook

Inlovewithfashion lookbook backgrounds


Inlovewithfashion lookbook modelInlovewithfashion look studs

Friday Favourites 24/08

During yesterday’s #etailthursday we received more links than ever before! Picking four as our Friday Favourites was a mammoth task but we know you’re going to love these blogs.

Heather at effiesmakeupbox brightens up our day with her outfit posts, amazing nails and colourful ways!

Alex at Bambella is fairly new to blogging but we already love her gorgeous photos and DIY inspirations, and can’t wait to see more.

Stu from Not So Lonely Londoners makes us laugh on an all too regular basis – if you fear blogging has ever made you take yourself too seriously his ‘How to pose like a fashion blogger’ posts one and two are the perfect antidote.

Eloise at Frolics and Fashion takes the cutest outfit photos, and this week we just wanted to show her a little love after her recent wedding stress – we hope everything gets sorted!

If you’re looking for more links to read, our timeline from Thursdays is always jam packed and we also have a new forum for sharing if you want to get yours out there!

We’ve also started our series of guest posts, beginning with Frances5 tips for writing great reviews - a super useful post if you’re just starting out or need a little help. If you want to be part of the e-tail blogger network and see your guest blogs posts here, why not get in touch on Twitter?

5 tips for writing great reviews – guest blog by Frances

As part of our exciting new blogger network, today we’re starting a series of guest posts with 5 great tips for writing reviews from Frances at Frances Cassandra. We’ve always loved her review posts so we’re really happy that she decided to share a few tips with us! 

Reviews are one of my favourite kinds of post to write. I love seeing when somebody agrees with what I have to say, or if my review influences somebody to want to buy a product or not. However some people find review writing quite tricky – it can sometimes feel like you have a huge responsibility, especially if the product is one that a company has sent to you for free. Here I have written down my top five tips for writing a great review for those of you who are just starting out.

1. Be honest. This is the main thing when it comes to writing a review, what’s the point in a review if it isn’t honest? Brands aren’t going to hate you if you didn’t like their product, in fact, they want to know if there is anything concerning their customers. It can also often be spotted when a blogger is hyping up a product too much so it really is best to be honest, you will gain more respect from brands and other bloggers.

2. Be thorough. Comment on anything that could possibly make or break the product. I tend to always split my reviews in to sections and comment on the packaging, what the product claims to do, how it works, if it does its job, and lastly just a few extra details, such as if it is scented or if it contains any glitter that people may or may not be fond of.

3. If it is a negative review, be nice. Like I mentioned in the first tip, brands aren’t going to hate you if you write something negative about their product; unless maybe you come across as rude. Give constructive criticism, don’t just go off on a rant about how the face cream brought you out in a rash, therefore you urge everybody not to buy it. Don’t forget that if it didn’t work for you, it could work for somebody else, so try to highlight why the product wasn’t for you. Also try to even the review out a little, maybe the cream itself isn’t so good, but did it smell nice? Would the packaging catch your eye on the shelves?

4. Give the product a fair trial. Fair enough, if it is a bath bomb or even a fashion accessory that you are reviewing, these only need trialling once or twice, but if it is a face cleanser or a once-a-week hair treatment, you are not going to be able to tell if it is a good or bad product after one or two uses. With this kind of product, I always test it out for at least 3-4 weeks before writing my review.

5. Take clear pictures. One thing that draws me in to reading about a product is if I can see the product clearly, and if necessary, how it works. It doesn’t take a fancy camera to do this, just a plain, uncluttered background and some good lighting. I take mine by placing a few sheets of white paper down near to a window.

I hope these tips help you if you are new to product reviewing or are just a little unsure! Remember, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to reviews; just be honest and polite!

Frances xx

What would be your top tip for writing reviews? 

Do you want to see your own guest post here? Get in touch with us on Twitter @etailPR!

Friday Favourites 17/08

This week we moved #etailthursday over to our shiny new Facebook forum! You can find it here and we’d love it if you wanted to add your own topic discussions. This is all part of our exciting new blogger network, which we’ll be inviting lots of you to soon!

As always, we’ve picked our Friday Favourites today and the standard was incredibly high.

Sarah from Friday is Forever has lovely photos, and that cherry blossom brightened our day. We recommend this post.

We chose Becky at for being so totally in love with London! We recommend this post - there are pictures of otters. Really.

Katy at Caught Up in Cake is in touch with us more regularly than our own mothers, and we can’t help but love her for it. We recommend this post because we actually giggled in the office.

Finally, we picked Sheri at Just Blog It All Instead.  We’ve never seen someone support their fellow bloggers like this girl does, and we wanted to share the love back a little. We recommend this post for the best bloggy goodness.

That’s our Friday Favourites for this week! Head to the Facebook forum for more great reads and click here to start your own topics.

Next week we’ll pick more of our favourites so look out for #etailthursday in your timelines!

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks to everyone who entered the iPad competition, we’ll be drawing a winner soon!