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Win an outfit for you and a friend with Fashion Culprit!

Fashion Culprit have launched a new competition and will be giving one lucky entrant an outfit for them and a friend!

The perfect prize if you’re planning a night out or have an event to go to.

Entry is easy via their Facebook page and a Rafflecopter app, and you have until next Friday to win – good luck everyone!

Friday Favourites 31/08

Our #etailthursday links were better than ever this week and we were so pleased to see lots of new faces – we love discovering new blogs to read!

As always it was difficult to pick, but we’ve put our four Friday Favourites together…

Francesca from On The Bias really caught our eye! We recommend her super useful post on what to take to uni and her delicious recipes.

Natasha at So On Trend has some of the nicest outfit posts around – they make us feel like we popped in for a cup of tea and a chat.

Laura at Tiny Twisst has a super sleek blog, but isn’t afraid to change it up with posts about sweets, and we loved that.

Finally, Charlie at Charlestown Vintage has been a favourite of ours for some time, and her incredible pictures of New York pushed her to the top of our list this week!

If you’re looking for more amazing blogs to read, check our Twitter timeline, or our other Friday Favourites posts. This week we’ve also had a guest post on all things YouTube from Corrie at Dizzybrunette3 and some tips on getting your blog posts clicked.

Join in with #etailthursday next week and you might see your blog here!

Dizzybrunette3’s Guide to YouTube

This week, Corrie Swaffield from Dizzybrunette3 joins us with a guest post on all things YouTube!

Three years ago I was introduced to the world of YouTube. I spent hours watching make up tutorials by Pixiwoo and I remember taking down notes from a Kim Kardashian tutorial to put into practice for my 18th birthday party. I didn’t even know who Kim Kardashian was back then, but all I knew was that I was going to get addicted to this YouTube malarkey. For two years I religiously watched YouTube videos, but it wasn’t until last year that I took the plunge and set up my own channel.

Making YouTube videos seems to be a natural progression for bloggers, especially of the beauty variety. But the world of YouTube seems a scary place; well it did to me anyway. So a year and almost 9,000 subscribers later, I’m here to give you some quick tips if you’re thinking of becoming a vlogger as well as a blogger.

The Making Bit

Making the actual videos can be tricky to start with. If possible it’s best to use a camera with a HD setting, this way you’ll have clear and high quality videos. Of course these can be pricey so check if your camera has this setting first. If not you could always pop one on your Christmas list. I use a Nikon d5100 which I also use to take blog photographs. Being a DSLR this is a pricey camera so if you’re thinking of getting a similar camera, it might be worth checking stores like Argos, Jessops and Curry’s to check out the best deals.

It’s also essential to have good lighting, try to sit in front of a window so the light is on you. Definitely don’t sit behind a window unless you have a lighting system as the light will be behind you. You don’t need fancy lights if you have good natural lighting. My flat is quite small so my boyfriend got fed up of my moaning about not being able to find light for videos, so he bought me a light kit for my birthday. This helps so much and you can pick up a variety of lights to suit most budgets. Try Amazon and Jessops for lighting kits, they really help if you struggle with finding natural light.

I make a list of videos that I want to record to keep my
inspiration flowing

The Editing Bit

Editing is definitely not my forte. However even an editing noob like myself manages just about with Windows Movie Maker. If you have a regular laptop with Windows you should also have this programme. It makes it very easy to do basic edits, however I keep promising to train myself to edit on a Mac. There’s no denying that the editing on a programme like iMovie is a lot slicker. However, fancy editing programmes aren’t needed and if you’re an editing novice like me, you can try to make videos that you hardly have to touch.

One rule I always try to go by is to make sure my videos are under fifteen minutes long. You can go over this time limit but I find that after that point videos can become a little too long and personally I lose interest when watching a video that’s over fifteen minutes, but then again I do have the attention span of a newt. So I try to keep them short and sweet so watchers can tune in when they have a little slice of time free.

The Watching Bit: Subscribers

Once your first video goes live, you sit anxiously waiting for people to watch it. However like most things and like blogs, you don’t gain thousands of subscribers overnight. Keep making videos and subscribers will flock. Hard work always pays off though so try to not get disheartened if you don’t get lots of views at first.

The Watching Bit: The Trolls

Sadly one of the things you associate with YouTube is the trolls. YouTube is a more negative place than the blogging world and it’s very likely that you’ll at least get one comment from a troll. Unfortunately this is something you have to deal with on YouTube, it’s something you shouldn’t have to deal with but you do. You do start to grow a thick skin after the first couple but I still get that sinking feeling when I read one that’s been left on one of my videos. You have to take the good with the bad and there are so many lovely people on YouTube it makes it worth the effort of recording and editing videos. Trolls are idiots, so delete the comment and block the user. Let’s hope that one day, the trolls weed out but for now try to ignore them.

So there we have it, some tips about YouTube that I’ve picked up in the past year. I’m no way near an expert and compared to many YouTubers, I am a very small fish in a very big ocean. However I do love making videos and it’s a great addition to your blog. If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the big ocean, I have to say go for it. Just watch out for the funny coloured haired trolls.

What would be your top tips for YouTube?

Do you want to see your own guest post here? Get in touch with us on Twitter @etailPR!

Brand Focus: Jovonna London

Today we’re fixing our brand focus spotlight firmly on Jovonna London.

Jovonna has been creating the very best in simple statement clothing since 2007, and added the Jovonnista collection seen in Topshop and boutiques in 2010.

Their Autumn/Winter Lookbook has certainly got us in the mood for dark nights, even darker lipsticks and those all important Christmas parties!

Jovonna pieces have been spotted on everyone from Rihanna to Caggie Dunlop!

Some of our favourite bloggers have also been wearing Jovonna

Pam at Disturbed Style

Amy at The Little Magpie

Lorna at Raindrops of Sapphire

Heather at effiesmakeupbox

Sandra at Blasfemmes

Jovonna London are currently offering one lucky winner the chance to win a Millie Mackintosh inspired look!

To enter, simply head to their Facebook page to get your entry in. Good luck!

Do you have questions about Jovonna London? Get in touch!

How to write a clickable blog post

One of the questions we’re often asked when chatting with bloggers is how to gain more clicks for a blog post. If you’re looking to generate commission revenue with your posts this advice could be invaluable, so we’ve put together our 7 tips to click happiness!

1) Use great pictures…

If you’re showcasing a sample or product, good pictures are definitely the best way to engage readers.

Watch out for the surroundings and backgrounds of your pictures, as well as lighting and colours.

Do something quirky, interesting or new with your photos and your post will get the attention it deserves!

Photo courtesy of Frances

2)… and lots of them

In our experience the posts that generate the most interest have 3 or more photos, with some containing many more.

Don’t include too many just for the sake of it, but if you’ve got a whole collection of amazing photos, they could make all the difference.

3) Really show off the product

The posts that normally get the most clicks are those that show the versatility or appeal of a product to the full effect. For example, a 3 ways to wear post might show your readers how they might wear an item they would previously not have worn. Or perhaps when writing a beauty review, you’ve used the product in several different looks?

Think back to how many times you’ve seen a dress you would never have picked up styled in a new way, and channel this into generating more interest.

4) Include at least 3 text links

Those with the best clicks always include the right text links, and embed them at least three times within a post. Remembering to reuse them in future posts containing the same item is also a great way to increase your clicks.

5) Pop your banner in a good, visible place

Having a clear place for your banners is likely to generate more clicks than them being hidden at the bottom of your blog. This might take a little bit of HTML effort to line them up and get them looking great, but is well worth it if you want to grab those clicks.

6) Promote yourself!

To get clicks to the links on your blog, you first have to get viewers onto your post. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are just some of the great ways to tell people about your blog posts, and building up a following on each of these will help those clicks grow!

Lookbook is also a great place for people to see your outfits and to promote blog posts to an even bigger audience.

7) Finally…

Think positive! If you started blogging because you love it, then clicks won’t be your biggest priority. We hope we’ve helped you to generate a few more pennies, but that you keep blogging however makes you happy!

We hope these little tips have spurred you on not only to write great blog posts, but to generate clicks when you’ve been given appropriate links. If you’ve worked with us before, or are looking to in the future, this could make all the difference.


Kear & Ku giveaway!

This week we’re giving you the chance to win one shirt or t-shirt and one pair of jeans or trousers from Kear & Ku!



We picked a few of our favourites but there are lots more to choose from on the Kear & Ku website.

To enter, head to their Facebook page and use the competition app. There are a potential 8 entries for you to earn and you have until Sunday to enter!

A day at LOVE – Inlovewithfashion Lookbook

One of our Account Manager’s popped off to visit client Inlovewithfashion this week (she has the best job!) and she managed to get a sneak peak into their Autumn Winter Inlovewithfashion Lookbook shoot. We got some shots for the blog, had a sneaky glimpse of the model and had a lovely day at LOVE HQ

Lots of exciting new pieces from the up-coming collection; a whole lotta studs, some floral and some great new colours and knits. We can’t spill too much, but the model looked fantastic, the clothes looked amazing and the photographer looked hard at work!

The Inlovewithfashion Lookbook is set to be a good one with season! Keep an eye out for the Lookbook of Inlovewithfashion coming soon!

Inlovewithfashion Lookbook

Inlovewithfashion lookbook backgrounds


Inlovewithfashion lookbook modelInlovewithfashion look studs

Friday Favourites 24/08

During yesterday’s #etailthursday we received more links than ever before! Picking four as our Friday Favourites was a mammoth task but we know you’re going to love these blogs.

Heather at effiesmakeupbox brightens up our day with her outfit posts, amazing nails and colourful ways!

Alex at Bambella is fairly new to blogging but we already love her gorgeous photos and DIY inspirations, and can’t wait to see more.

Stu from Not So Lonely Londoners makes us laugh on an all too regular basis – if you fear blogging has ever made you take yourself too seriously his ‘How to pose like a fashion blogger’ posts one and two are the perfect antidote.

Eloise at Frolics and Fashion takes the cutest outfit photos, and this week we just wanted to show her a little love after her recent wedding stress – we hope everything gets sorted!

If you’re looking for more links to read, our timeline from Thursdays is always jam packed and we also have a new forum for sharing if you want to get yours out there!

We’ve also started our series of guest posts, beginning with Frances5 tips for writing great reviews - a super useful post if you’re just starting out or need a little help. If you want to be part of the e-tail blogger network and see your guest blogs posts here, why not get in touch on Twitter?